How to Transform your Attitude & Increase Productivity – Part 2

Today we talk about the influence a positive attitude has on our thinking and the actions we take. In our last post we talked about a technique that helps you acknowledge what you truly feel, even if negative, so you can work through it, let it go, and shift your focus to the opportunities available to you. If you haven’t checked it out, go do so now by clicking this link! If you already saw it, awesome! Thanks for coming back and joining us.

Earlier in life I never put much thought into choosing a positive attitude. I didn’t see the value or think it was realistic to be positive all the time. As I got older I realized I have limited time and energy in my day and my life. My time and energy quickly became more valuable. I want to make sure the energy I put into the world and surround myself with is good.

I know if I choose a negative attitude, my brain will look for negative information in the world to validate that feeling. Our brain is a small percentage of our body mass, but takes up much of our energy, so it looks for information that validates how we think and feel to be efficient. So if I say my day is crap, it’s going to look for things that validate my day is bad. I don’t have time for that and frankly it’s not as much fun.

What I’m looking for is how to move forward. Once I acknowledge the underlying feelings, I’m ready to choose a more positive outlook. I know if I’m open and willing to see all the possibilities around me, my brain will start looking for it. You’ll notice as you slowly shift and refocus how you look at the day your bad attitude may no longer be as bad of an attitude.

Be careful to not judge the process. We aren’t going to be perfect. Most of us think we need to be and then judge the process and stop. Let the process happen. You may see the benefits of a positive attitude but are still trying to think your way through it versus work through it. If you find yourself saying, ‘This is a bunch of bologna Kayla,’ I challenge you to go back to the previous post and start there. You more than likely haven’t fully worked through your initial response to the situation and still need to let it go. This step is crucial to being open, which is key to the whole process.

So give it a try. The next couple weeks simply focus on recognizing the feelings creating a “negative” attitude. Really work through those feelings and make the conscious choice to be open and see the beauty and possibility that is.

Alright friends, thanks for visiting. If you found this post helpful please share it with your friends! See you next time. Thanks.

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