Say Buh-Bye to Insecurity

I wanted to share something today that I think applies to a lot of things in our life that you may also recognize in yourself in one way or another, even if it’s not the same exact situation.

I found myself today glancing at photos from a year ago and noticed I gained quite a bit of weight during that time prior to my pregnancy. In that moment I felt automatic shame. It’s crazy how one photo from almost a year ago could eliminate any value I had in myself in that moment and make me feel completely unworthy. It’s crazy that one photo, or let’s get real a few photos, could determine something so big. Especially being that photo is not who I am today as we prepare to bring little brother into this world in about 7 weeks.

It made me wonder why a photo should define my value, when in truth it means nothing. That photo has nothing to do with who I am today. That photo has nothing to with who I’ll be tomorrow. It does NOT define me. It makes me question what other things in our lives we give our power to that we shouldn’t be.

In that moment I felt powerless and my worth was out of my hands which is not true. My question for you is: What things in your life, external from you, do you automatically give your power over to, when in reality it has absolutely no power at all.

If I define myself by that photo, what can happen is I then align my behaviors and choices with how I perceive myself in that photo which is based on nothing. Everyday it’s up to me to hold a particular vision for who I am, and who I want to be and make sure my actions align with who that person is.

Because ultimately in every situation we have complete control over the choices in our lives and who we are. Whether it’s the actions we take or the perception or reaction we decide to have towards those circumstances.

Let’s reclaim our power, let’s take it back, it ours, it never belonged to those external things to begin with. And be kind to yourself because for some of us it’s the first time we are recognizing how much power we’ve been giving away to those external things and for some of us it’s the first time we are taking those small steps to regain that power for ourselves. We aren’t going to be perfect because it’s new to us.

The next couple of weeks let’s focus on recognizing when we give our power to external things other than ourselves and make that shift in that moment to slowly reclaim that power for ourselves.

Alright friends, thanks for visiting. If you found this post helpful please share it with your friends! In the next few post we will take about the benefits to having a positive attitude and also the disadvantages that can come with thinking we have to have a positive attitude. Thanks. See you next time.

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