How to Get Your Brain Off Autopilot

You know that feeling you get when you have an unexpected moment of silence? The one you try to avoid by over scheduling your day, re-scanning your newsfeed, hating on someone else, or entertaining any habit that makes you forget. The one you hide from because you know it’ll tell you the truth.

It tells you what brings you joy, what makes you happy, and what breaks your heart. It’s where the negative feelings, you were told you should never feel, exists.

We locked it up and tried to pretend it wasn’t there. It almost worked. You didn’t realize it’s the core of your being, the compass of our soul, and without it you’re lost. It’s there to tell you something. Listen to it. It’s probably telling you to wake up.

Friend, no more running from yourself. You’re not flawed, you’re not broken. You, just as you are, are enough. Just like our friend, Glinda the Good Witch said, girl, “You’ve always had the power…you just have to learn it for yourself.”

Most days we’re on autopilot, reacting to situations in our life without much thought. We react in ways that protect us from feeling any type of discomfort, whether it’s masked in anger, blame, avoidance, or denial. In this post of the Create Your Life, Your Way series, we ask two questions to help you begin listening and trusting yourself versus allowing immediate reactions control you.

Do the Work

Here’s what I want you to do for the next seven days.

During the Day

Notice when you put yourself on a track of distraction. Instead push the breaks and ask yourself,

  1. What am I not acknowledging? Why?
  2. What am I not allowing myself to feel? Why?

Then pause, take a deep breathe, and just listen. This process may take two minutes, five minutes, or maybe even ten minutes, but each time it gets easier. Be open and watch for any quick judgements that creep in.

At Night

Grab a notebook or journal. Reflect on your experiences from the day. Get honest with yourself.

  1. What feelings were you avoiding or not acknowledging today?
  2. What successes can you celebrate?
  3. What challenges presented themselves?
  4. What can you learn from both the successes and challenges?

Celebrate it all. Write it out and reflect to prepare for the next day.

Tip: Writing daily, with no intent or expectation can help you become more reflective and keep it front of mind while creating a new habit.  

Keep Yourself Accountable

Remember everything happens at Join us in the comments section of this post and let me know what goals you’ve set for yourself and how you plan to take action. Keep me posted. What’s working well? Where do you find yourself struggling? We are in this together.

Share the Love

If you found this post helpful share it with your friends! Community is everything. We need our tribe to remind us that we’re already enough and far more capable than we sometimes allow ourselves to be. We also at times need a kind reminder to get out of our own way and get right with the truth.

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Alright girlfriend, it’s time to get at it. You are ready. Let’s show ourselves some love and move forward one step at a time.

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